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Switching from In-person to Virtual events - What you should know

Are you weighing about switching to virtual events? Thousands of event planners and marketers have already pivoted to virtual events and are already reaping the rewards. But yes, when switching from physical to virtual events.

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How Covid-19 Changed the Events Industry

In past few months, we have seen how the pandemic has brought many economic activities to a standstill. The events industry also had to adapt to huge change but has been emerging from the crisis stronger than ever before.

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10 Predictions for Virtual Events Industry in 2021 & beyond

Just like for every other industry, 2020 has been a revolutionary year for the events industry as well. While the events industry has been seeing usual advancements, due to the pandemic, the opportunities for virtual events .

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15 tips to make your virtual event successful

What are the ingredients of a truly successful event? Simple Answer is "A lot of planning". But that planning doesn't have to be difficult or hard, if you are clear about what your goal and focus is.

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7 Proven ways to market and promote your virtual events

A crucial component of any successful virtual event is, of course, marketing and promotion.  Stating the obvious - without your attendees, even the most well-planned event is doomed to fail. If you’re lucky ,you might get a few organic signups...

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Goal setting to a successful event

One of the key ingredients for your event's success is to have a set of clear, well-defined goals. Starting with this set of well-defined goals for your event allows you to develop a plan for how you’ll achieve them and make your event successful.

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Hosting multilingual virtual events for a global audience

The life of an event planner is definitely not easy and event management ranks among the top 10 most stressful jobs! Virtual and hybrid events are becoming more popular and with more businesses turning to virtual events...

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The Connection Between Virtual Events and Cyber Security

While the complexity of virtual events increases along with the choice of virtual event platforms out there in the market, event planners and exhibitors can keep the following in mind while picking their event format and virtual event platform.

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Virtual Networking Events to attract Clients and Prospects

Virtual Networking Events are now a proven way for networking groups to attract business from new prospects. Find out ways in which you can level up your own VNE here. If you are the host of a virtual networking event, your job can be equally.....

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Measuring the ROI of your virtual event

As a virtual event planner, being able to showcase the ROI of the event to sponsors and exhibitors is equally as important as being able to provide an immersive and engaging virtual environment for the attendees

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Registration Insights

Invitation open rates and conversion rates like the ratio between registrations and the number of attendees help measure the marketing effectiveness of your online event. Marketing automation platforms like HubSpot

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Virtual events from sponsor's perspective

Virtual tradeshow events are picking up and event planners are tripling their PRE COVID-19 attendance rates by moving to virtual conferences and hybrid events attracting a wider global audience. Virtual conferences and webinars reduce expenses

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