15 tips to make your virtual event successful

What are the ingredients of a truly successful event? Simple Answer is "A lot of planning". But that planning doesn't have to be difficult or hard, if you are clear about what your goal and focus is. 

Here are 15 proven tips to make any type of virtual event successful:

1. KISS (Keep it simple silly!) Only use the minimum number of features you need in your virtual event. Oftentimes, too many features just increase the complexity and create confusion for your audience. More features doesn't always increase audience engagement. 

2. Get your Audience Persona right. Focus on your audience & their needs. Once you have this figured out, tailor your content accordingly. 

3. Select an event platform like EventEngage that will work with you as an active partner in designing your unique event experience.

4. Use emotional profiling to increase engagement. Understand the psychology of your attendees. What gets this group excited? Talking? What entertains them and builds enthusiasm? Connect with emotions; not just information. Hook someone emotionally, and success is a foregone conclusion

5. Educate, Entertain, Engage and Inspire. The basics of any marketing content to lead your audience to take action. This applies to events as well. Make sure your content and event layout promote this framework. 

6. Use gifts, bonuses as well as attendees-only special offers to add value to your virtual event. Make sure your attendees know they will receive something exclusive they cannot get anywhere else.  

7. Simplify the registration process. Many potential attendees drop out of filling out a long registration form. You can collect additional details, if needed, during the event. 

8. Promote, promote, promote. Use any means available to put the word out there about your event - whether its the use of social media posts, YouTube videos, promoting with guest spots on online radio shows, podcasts or blogs, using a hashtag to Tweet your virtual event, using local media (newspapers, radio stations) - to get the maximum exposure. Once you have got your registrations, make sure that you are sending them reminders and pre-event content to keep them engaged and warmed up until the day of the event. 

9. Harness the power of affiliates and JV partners to help with promotion

10. Pay attention to your competition. Ask yourself: "Why would my potential attendee choose my event over the competition currently out there?" 

11. Resist the temptation to think of your virtual event as a stand-alone entity! Remember that your virtual event needs to be part of your overall marketing plan, supporting and enhancing your long-term goals. 

12. Encourage attendees to actively engage (and give them incentives & means to do so). 

13. Consciously build a "WOW!" factor into your event. That's the way to engage emotions and excite active participation.

14. Test your setup and systems. Then test again. Work with event platforms like EventEngage that allow you to practice your event. 

15. Interact with your attendees. Remember, virtual events are all about sharing. Listen and act on attendee questions, complaints, suggestions. Once the event is over, do the Post-Event follow up. This step is crucial for sustaining connection with new subscribers and increasing your profits.

These tips have been tried and tested multiple times for making events successful. We hope that you can absorb them before you plan your next event, so you'll feel much more relaxed when you go on to set up your next virtual event.

Hit us up at hello@eventengage.io to exchange notes on how to make your next virtual event more successful!

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