Goal Setting for a successful event

One of the key ingredients for your event's success is to have a set of clear, well-defined goals. Starting with this set of well-defined goals for your event allows you to develop a plan for how you’ll achieve them and make your event successful. As many will attest to this, creating a goal-oriented roadmap can really allow your event to reach its full potential and success.

When setting goals, it’s important to keep these 3 things in mind:

1. Start Early. If you don’t have enough time to plan and achieve your goals, you’ve already put your event’s success at risk. 2. Set timelines for accomplishing the goals. Think about all the logistics that you have to run through, and assign a forecast timeline. Once you have a timeline for these milestones, do everything possible not to miss a deadline. 3. Set realistic goals - ones you know you can achieve. Accomplishing simpler, less complex goals will add to your motivation as you can easily see the progress being made. Faster you achieve them, more time you'll have for the more complex goals making headway along the way to your larger, primary goal. Here are some of our Best Practices, for setting the right goals for your event. Ask yourself these questions to narrow down on the right set of goals that can make your event successful: 1. What is the outcome you expect from your event? 2. What type, size, and format of event is going to be the most appropriate to achieving those objectives? 3. What technology solutions are you going to require? 4. When is your event going to be the most effective? 5. How are you going to measure your event's success? (i.e. what metrics are you going to use to assess this?)

Once you've narrowed down on these specific aspects, you can start prioritizing your operational plan and execution efforts. Remember to utilize all the resources, team members you have at your disposal to make sure you are not going about it all alone.

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