Registration Insights

Registration Insights

  • Invitation open rates and conversion rates like the ratio between registrations and the number of attendees help measure the marketing effectiveness of your online event. Marketing automation platforms like Hubspot or Marketo integrated with a virtual event platform is an ideal combo to arrive at these numbers easily. These conversion rates help event planners better understand effective ways to generate new leads for the next event.

  • The number of attendee logins, the number of unique attendee logins, the duration of attendance per attendee, and attendee type are numbers that you should be able to fetch easily from your platform.

Sentiment Insight

  • Social media mentions, upvotes indicate the popularity and the effectiveness of your event. if you are driving registrants and attendees to a community page, measuring sign-ups is important.

  • Surveys are a great way to gauge attendee sentiment and encourage promoters and identify detractors. A pre-event survey helps you gauge if your registrants are well-prepped for the upcoming event. In-event surveys help you gauge attendee satisfaction during the course of the event and a post-event survey helps you gain insights into how to improve your next event and generate better prospects. The point to remember is to schedule these surveys to go out at the right time - not too early or not too late. An NPS( Net Promoter Score) survey is a great way to measure how engaging your event was and this can apply to attendees, speakers as well as exhibitors, and sponsors.

  • Session Insight

  • If you are running polls, QNA, and quizzes during the sessions the results of these activities give you insights into attendee responses.

  • The live polling response rate is also an indicator of how effective the live polls are in the first place!

  • You can group common themes in the top-performing sessions such as topics, tracks, or length of the session which you can later optimize for your next event.

  • You will want to track metrics like the overall number of attendees that joined a session, the number of attendees in session Realtime at any point in time, the duration spent by each attendee inside a session, and session attendance by registration type.


  • Engagement Insight

    • Use a point/credit system for different activities inside your virtual event - session attendance, booth visit, media downloads, etc. This will not only allow you to quantify the engagement level but also showcase ROI to sponsors and exhibitors. You can also use these points on a leaderboard, announce winners and give away prizes, etc.

    • If your virtual event platform offers an e-business card exchange like EventEngage, the data on the business card exchange during the virtual event can help you showcase your value add to sponsors and exhibitors.

    • Stats on content consumption during the virtual event is another statistic that you will want to have. How many attendees viewed or downloaded a piece of content hosted in your virtual lobby, expo hall, sponsor hall, main networking zone, etc

    • The popularity of the Q&A sessions can be gauged based on the upvotes or downvotes generated.

    • Traffic analysis reports give you insights into what devices or browsers attendees used to access your online event. How many attendees attended a specific booth and how did they land up in the booth - via a sponsor ad, via the lobby, via an ePoster, etc.

    • A virtual event platform that can give you the number of conversations that happened inside the virtual event and the place of these conversations helps you prove the ROI factor to your sponsors.

    • The number of social media shares through the event platform is also a good engagement indicator.

    ROI Insight

    • Gross revenue is the key metric to track for an event planner. Revenue metrics include the total revenue generated from the event; the total cost vs total revenue ratio is a key metric to work on for event planners.

    • The volume of ticket sales attribution by channel and by ticket type are important sale metrics to track.

    • Tickets sold by discount code or promo code help event planners understand the buying behavior of the registrant and optimize future events.

    At EventEngage, our virtual event platform allows you to track all the metrics mentioned above and more. Whether you want to export the reports in real-time from our system or sync the data with a third-party app, we do it all! Drop us a note at to find out if we can give you the virtual event metric that you are looking for from our virtual event!




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