Virtual Networking Events to attract Clients and Prospects

Virtual Networking Events are now a proven way for networking groups to attract business from new prospects. Find out ways in which you can level up your own VNE here. 

If you are the host of a virtual networking event, your job can be equally if not more daunting than that of a physical event host!

Virtual networking events call for strong marketing skills on the part of the event planner and complementary product capabilities from the virtual event platform being used. The pointers below will help you pick the right virtual event platform and plan ahead of your Live event day. Here are some virtual event ideas for your next virtual networking event.

  1. Start with creating a list of your event goals and prioritize the actions that help you meet these goals. Make sure that the tech that you are using for your virtual event is attendee friendly and not an overkill with too many bells and whistles.

  2. Ensure invitations are out ahead of time and confirm RSVP by booking the registrant's calendar. A robust registration management module ensures that nothing slips between the cracks here. The registration confirmation email should clearly state the purpose of the event, the agenda, the speaker list, the content that you will be presenting, activities planned, etc. If there is too much to add to the email, including a link to a recorded video helps.

  3. Promote the event, the agenda, the speaker list, etc. on social media and warm up your registrants prior to the live day. A Twitter hashtag comes in handy in the pre-event promotion and post-event publicity.

  4. Your first-time attendees will need guidance while navigating your virtual event and it is important to have an intuitive user interface along with clear and visible instructions throughout the event. It's a good idea to include an opening recorded video or a live video introduction for the attendees and get the ball rolling. If you are hosting a multi-lingual virtual event, it makes sense to have localized content throughout the event

  5. If your event allows for attendee-to-attendee networking tables, keep the groups small at each table - not more than 10 per table so that everyone gets a chance to meet each other and have a meaningful interaction.

  6. If your event also has exhibits, get the networking time right - avoid networking sessions too close to keynotes or a town hall. Introducing attendees in small groups starting with an ice breaker question is a good way to get the show started. Your general sessions will have better attendance and engagement if the attendees know each other already.

  7. Give your attendees the opportunity to introduce themselves by allowing them to build their profile (for e.g., an option to add a short description about themselves and their Linkedin profile or other social media profiles) and update their virtual business card. Facilitate speed networking by allowing easy search and live chat.

  8. Greet attendees at the door by using pinned chat. At EventEngage, we have also hosted virtual events with a live host to greet attendees as they join! Use gamification techniques to drive participation, announce prizes and display the leaderboard in public.

  9. With virtual events, you can expect the unexpected at times. Moderation rights to control the kind of language being use or even eject unruly attendees come in handy at times. It's also a good idea to include a code of conduct right during the registration process and remind your registrants about cyber best practices especially considering the cyber risks floating around. We published a post on how to host a "cyber-secure" virtual event, you can look it up here.

  10. An informal "birds of a feather" session or a "virtual happy hour" promotes community building and networking among like-minded participants. Allowing participants to print e-certificates, take selfies and share directly on social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, is a great way to promote your virtual event. At EventEngage, our virtual event platform offers a variety of social share options.

At EventEngage, we build immersive virtual event environments that your attendees can relate to and remember. Use design elements to give your event a unique look and feel. Drop us a note to check what customization options are available for your virtual networking event.

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